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CodeScreen enables companies to quickly identify the best developers by screening candidates with realistic and asynchronous assessments.


Why use CodeScreen?

Increase Accuracy

Our real-world coding assessments & environment make the result of our screening highly indicative of how the candidate will perform in the job.

Improve Candidate Experience

Candidates take assessments in their own time and in an environment they are most comfortable and familiar with.

Decrease Time-to-Hire

Automated grading and ability to screen candidates asynchronously vastly reduces time taken to filter applicants.

Standardize Brand

CodeScreen can be entirely white-labelled to your company, resulting in a consistent brand across your hiring process.

Remove Bias

Remove bias by assessing a candidate’s real-world coding skills, allowing you to hire based on merit, not assumptions.

Who is CodeScreen for?

Companies Using Take Home Tests
Companies Using Live-Coding Interviews
Companies Using Browser-Based Tests
Companies Focusing on DEI
Freelancing Platforms
Bootcamps & Universities

Accelerate your screening process by automating & streamlining your take-home test workflow.


“We had a hand-crafted semi-automated git-based candidate grading process and evaluated various solutions to automate it. Only CodeScreen could carry it over seamlessly without process changes.”

JURIS KRIKIS, Scala and JavaScript Department Lead of Evolution

Scale your interview process with live coding assessments.


“CodeScreen saves us a lot of time by automating our take-home coding assignment stage in the interview process. Now our interview panel only needs to be involved if the code submission passes the CodeScreen stage, thereby increasing the number of candidates we can evaluate. It integrates seamlessly with our ATS providing a smooth experience for the recruiters as well as candidates.”

KUNAL DABIR, VP of Engineering at Medly Pharmacy

Enable candidates to perform to their full potential via a coding environment & workflow that fully replicates how they write code day-to-day.


“So many testing platforms rely on the candidate writing code in a web-based interface, but this isn’t realistic. CodeScreen allows candidates to work on the test in the same way as they would develop software at OpenGamma.”

JON SENIOR, CTO of OpenGamma

Extend your diverse culture to your interview process to create a fair atmosphere at the entry point to your company.


“At Codeable, we understand the importance of nailing WordPress development--it's essential for our success! That’s why it was so important to find a partner who could help us make hiring developers easier. Cue CodeScreen and its fantastic features like anonymous reviews that keep us ahead in the game. And with ATS integration giving candidates an all-encompassing journey from start to finish? It certainly beats anything else out there - worth its weight in gold!”

MIKE DEMOPOULOS, Expert Community Development Lead of Codeable

Use the asynchronous nature of CodeScreen assessments & workflow to remove the screening bottleneck in your hiring process, enabling you to increase the number of projects you can take on in parallel.


“CodeScreen's assessments provide us with a great understanding of the developer's technical skills and abilities to perform on real projects. The results have been extremely accurate and have helped us to select exceptional candidates to be part of SPACE44”


Enhance each student's learning experience with CodeScreen’s automated grading and feedback function while allowing your lecturers & TAs to save time while reviewing assignment submissions.


"CodeScreen's automated grading and real-world environment helps prepare our students for working in the software development industry, while saving me many hours when reviewing their weekly assignments & providing feedback to the students."

LAITH RAED, Computer Science Lecturer at Hochschule Munich - University of Applied Sciences

How CodeScreen works?


Sample of a detailed analysis report.

Supported Languages & Frameworks

With a total of 30+ supported programming languages and frameworks, you can assess candidates for all your Backend, Frontend, Full-Stack, Mobile, DevOps, Data Science, DBA and QA roles.

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ATS Integrations 

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