Scale up your screening process with our powerful Automated Grading feature

CodeScreen’s multi-dimensional automated grading removes the manual resource-intensive analysis of candidates solutions while providing a detailed report of how each candidate performed.

Automated Unit & Integration Test Scoring

CodeScreen automatically reviews, scores, and ranks candidates with assessments that are tailored to meet the skills needed for the company.

Industry-Standard Testing

We use the standard testing library/framework for each of our supported languages, such as Jest for JavaScript, Pytest for Python, etc.

Hidden Test Feature

Hidden Tests are unit/integration tests that are added to the candidate’s repo once they have submitted their solution, allowing you to test edge cases. Hidden Tests are included in all of our Library Assessments and can be added to your Custom Assessments.

Run Tests Locally

Allow candidates to iteratively work on their solution by running tests locally and in GitHub Actions each time they push a new commit to their repo, reflecting how they develop software in the real world.

Static Code Analysis

CodeScreen automatically detects issues in the candidate’s code, such as code smells, bad design patterns, etc., speeding up the time it takes to review each candidate’s solution.

Code Coverage Analysis

A breakdown of the percentage of the candidate’s code that is covered by unit tests, which an important metric used when gauging the quality of a solution.


Sample of a detailed analysis report.

Easily see which candidates have passed or failed your assessments and track their activity.


Easily Review Candidate’s Solution

Get familiar with how to quickly read a CodeScreen candidate analysis report.


Watch How It Works

Watch a demo of a step-by-step review of a candidate analysis report.

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