Our Cheating Prevention toolkit ensures the legitimacy of each candidate’s solution

CodeScreen’s multidimensional toolkit detects and mitigates cheating by candidates, allowing you to trust the legitimacy of each candidate’s solution.

Our 3-Way Approach to Cheating Prevention

MOSS Plagiarism Checker

We use a commercial edition of the MOSS (Measure of Software Similarity) Plagiarism Checker, an automated system developed at Stanford University to detect similarities between students’ programming assignments.

Title Masking

We hide our assessment names from appearing in candidate’s GitHub repos so candidates do not know what to search for online.

Exclusive License and Copyright

Each candidate GitHub repo does not come with a license, which means that the default copyright laws apply with CodeScreen retaining all rights to their source code. CodeScreen runs daily checks to find any solutions to our assessments that appear online and takes the required actions to have them removed.

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