Easily import your existing assessments while leveraging CodeScreen’s automated workflow

CodeScreen automates the sending, retrieving, and grading of your assessments. Our developer friendly workflow allows you to customize assessments in 30+ languages & frameworks according to your requirements.

How It Works?

1. Select language(s)
2. Set the deadline & time limit
3. CodeScreen creates template GitHub repo(s)
4. Add your assessment details
5. Define passing criteria

Choose one or more languages/frameworks that the candidate is allowed to write their solution in.

Time-box your assessment based on your requirements.

Once you create your assessment, a private GitHub template repository will be created for each language/framework that you chose for the assessment. These repos will contain standard project structures - see the individual language/framework guides below for more details.

Add your assessment’s problem statement and any starter code.

Set up unit tests that are automatically run by CodeScreen and define the minimum number of unit tests that must pass.

See here for more details.

Supported Languages & Frameworks

With a total of 30+ supported programming languages and frameworks, you can assess candidates for all your Backend, Frontend, Full-Stack, Mobile, DevOps, Data Science, DBA and QA roles.


Easily Import Your Take-Home Tests

Creating custom assessments is a first-class concept in CodeScreen, meaning you can conveniently import your existing take-home tests and set up automated grading.


Watch How It Works

View a step-by-step demo of creating a custom assessment.

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