Determine how candidates will perform at your company using our realistic, project-based assessments

CodeScreen provides a library of over 100 assessments across various languages & frameworks, skills, and experience levels.

Key Features of CodeScreen’s Library Assessments

CodeScreen helps you identify the most promising candidates with project-based assessments tailored to test the skills required for the job.

Real-World Problems

All of our assessments are built to replicate realistic problems that candidates encounter while developing software in industry.

2 Hours Maximum Duration

We are very conscious and respectful of the candidate’s time, therefore all our assessments are designed to be completed within 1.5 – 2 hours.

Automated Grading Supported On All Assessments

Each of our assessments come with both visible and hidden unit tests already set up that are automatically run against each candidate’s solution.

Extensive Library

Easily find an assessment that matches your role requirements. Assessments available in 30+ languages & frameworks.

Supported Languages & Frameworks

With a total of 30+ supported programming languages and frameworks, you can assess candidates for all your Backend, Frontend, Full-Stack, Mobile, DevOps, Data Science, DBA and QA roles.


Easily Find Suitable Library Assessments

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Watch How It Works  

View a step-by-step demo of searching our assessment library and choosing an assessment.

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