Combine the scale of take-home tests with the personal interaction of live coding interviews

Enable candidates to give the best version of themselves by providing them with a natural coding environment, while only having interviews with the most promising candidates.

Key Features of CodeScreen’s

Live Coding with Context

See the benefits of using CodeScreen’s Live Coding with Context compared to traditional Live Coding.


Our Live Coding with Context feature allows candidates to first think about the assessment and implement a solution in their own time and comfort, removing the negatives that come with the highly contrived and pressurized environments associated with traditional live coding.

Scale Up Hiring

Use CodeScreen’s automated and asynchronous workflow to screen candidates upfront, allowing you to allocate the valuable time of your developers to only interview the most promising candidates.

Real-world IDE

CodeScreen’s live coding environment is based on IDE IntelliJ, which provides the candidate with a modern, feature-complete code editor, giving the candidate the best environment in which to action your feedback on their solution.

How It Works?

1. Review candidate’s performance
2. Schedule live interview
3. Receive invite
4. Run live interview

Review how candidates have performed in their CodeScreen assessment, and move only the most promising candidates to Live Interview.

Schedule Live Interview inside ATS/scheduling tool and add event to CodeScreen.

Candidate & Interviewer receives email 5 minutes before interview, containing link to access the live coding environment.

Interactively talk through the candidate's solution and ask any questions you have.

Our live coding environment is based on IntelliJ (the world’s most popular IDE).


Setting up Live Interviews

Read our step-by-step guide to see how to set up your first Live Coding with Context interview with one of your candidates.


Watch How It Works

View a step-by-step demo of scheduling & running a Live Coding with Context interview.

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