Enable candidates to perform to their full potential

The limited functionality provided by browser-based code editors results in candidates underperforming. Enable candidates to perform to their best by working on assessments in the powerful code editors they use day-to-day.


Advantages of CodeScreen’s Real-World Workflow

Learn how CodeScreen’s real-world approach to screening drives hiring success in organisations.

Allow candidates to perform to the best of their ability.

Lack of modern code editor functionality (e.g. debugging, keyboard shortcuts, auto-completion, etc) puts candidates into an unrealistic and contrived environment.

Have complete control over your assessments’ details.

Restrictive environment prevents you from customizing assessments, limiting you to only using assessments from the vendor’s library, which focus on theoretical tasks instead of real-world problems.

Prevent Cheating

Our multidimensional anti-cheating mechanism is much less invasive than traditional approaches (screen & video recording, identity validation, key logging, etc.), eliminating the risk of alienating candidates.

How CodeScreen works?


Sample of a detailed analysis report.


Save 50+ hours per month with  CodeScreen

“So many testing platforms rely on the candidate writing code in a web-based interface, but this isn’t realistic. We were looking primarily for integration with GitHub, allowing candidates to work on the test in the same way as they would develop software at OpenGamma, using an IDE of their choice.”

JON SENIOR, CTO of OpenGamma

OpenGamma: Collateral Management Software for Derivatives

OpenGamma is a FinTech company that provides margin analytics to the world’s leading banks and hedge funds.


Screen Candidates for Various Role Types and Levels

CodeScreen provides a library of over 100 automated real-world assessments across various languages, skills, and experience levels.


Trust legitimacy of Candidate’s Result

CodeScreen’s non-invasive multidimensional toolkit detects and mitigates cheating by candidates, allowing you to trust the legitimacy of each candidate’s solution.

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