Scale your freelancing platform with a real-world

automated screening process

CodeScreen’s take-home assessments accelerate and increase the accuracy of your screening process while maintaining your company branding.


Advantages of Using CodeScreen for Freelancers

Learn how CodeScreen can help you quickly and efficiently identify the candidates that are the best fit for your requirements.

Increase the number of projects you can take on in parallel

The asynchronous nature of CodeScreen’s platform removes the vetting bottleneck, allowing you to hire more candidates.

Prevent unsatisfied customers with accurate real world screening

CodeScreen’s real-world workflow and assessments ensures you only hire candidates that can deliver your projects successfully.

Maintain your branding

White-label CodeScreen directly to your platform with our custom emails, domain and GitHub account, to enable you to maintain your brand consistently across your interview process.

How CodeScreen works?


Sample of a detailed analysis report.


Automate Analysis of Each Candidate’s Solution

Save time manually reviewing candidates assessments. CodeScreen will automatically analyze, grade, and rank each candidate’s solution to your assessment.


Ensure Legitimacy of Candidate’s Result

CodeScreen’s multidimensional toolkit detects and mitigates cheating by candidates, allowing you to trust the legitimacy of each candidate’s solution.

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