Codeable reduces unconscious bias while saving up to 40 hours per month when screening candidates with CodeScreen

“At Codeable, we understand the importance of nailing WordPress development–it’s essential for our success! That’s why it was so important to find a partner who could help us make hiring developers easier. Cue CodeScreen and its fantastic features like anonymous reviews that keep us ahead in the game. And with ATS integration giving candidates an all-encompassing journey from start to finish? It certainly beats anything else out there – worth its weight in gold!”

Mike Demopoulos, Expert Community Development Lead of Codeable


Codeable is a freelance platform that manages around 750 WordPress freelance developers and is trusted by 25,000+ businesses. They provide an efficient way for businesses of all sizes to hire qualified WordPress professionals.


Reducing the interview process time while continuing to identify the best developers.

Codeable was facing a huge challenge when it came to scaling their hiring process. They needed to efficiently screen 300-450 applicants a month while also not dropping standards to ensure only the highest quality candidates are accepted onto their platform.

Another factor that contributed to the bottleneck in their hiring process was the fact that candidates had different methods of submitting their solution for their existing take-home tests, stressing the need for a single, streamlined approach to retrieving & grading submissions.

There was also no single place for their vetting developers to leave feedback & comments on candidates’ submissions, which further contributed to the time delay as Codeable strives to give feedback to every candidate.


Integrating CodeScreen’s best features including automated grading feature, custom assessment and anonymous mode.

Codeable’s solution to the problem included using CodeScreen, an automated assessment platform that allows businesses to accurately & quickly determine the technical ability of candidates applying as WordPress Developers to their platform.

By leveraging CodeScreen’s automated grading feature, Codeable has greatly reduced the time and effort associated with manually screening through 300-450 applicants each month. This allowed them to speed up their screening process from weeks to days and up to 40 hours per month in manual screening time.

Integrating CodeScreen into Codeable’s existing workflow with their ATS was also quick and straightforward. CodeScreen’s Custom Assessment feature allowed Codeable to easily import and improve their existing take-home tests directly into the CodeScreen platform.

Additionally, the use of CodeScreen’s Anonymous Mode ensures that Codeable’s recruitment process continues to be fair & unbiased. All candidates are evaluated on their technical expertise rather than their name, educational background or other demographic information, giving all applicants an equal chance at being hired.


CodeScreen helped Codeable reduce cost, time and unconcious bias.

The results of using CodeScreen have been extremely positive for Codeable. They have seen immediate cost savings with reduced manual work and are now able to find qualified candidates much faster than before.

CodeScreen also helped reduce unconscious bias when screening applicants, ensuring only the best & most qualified WordPress Developers make it onto the Codeable platform.

Going forward, Codeable will continue using CodeScreen to speed up its screening of applicants, which is crucial to keep up with the ever- increasing demand for their experts.


CodeScreen helps businesses save time and money while driving hiring success in their organization.

As more businesses move towards automation in the hiring process, Codeable stands out as a success story of how an automated solution can save costs and promote fair & diverse recruitment practices. Automated assessment platforms are a great way for businesses to streamline recruitment processes while ensuring they are identifying the right talent.

By leveraging CodeScreen’s real-world workflow & environment, combined with its Automated Grading & Anonymous Mode features, businesses like Codeable can save time & money while driving hiring success in their organisation.

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