CodeScreen x One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund reduces time-to-hire by 30% with  CodeScreen

We wanted something that was user friendly to both our recruiters and hiring managers. CodeScreen’s interface and the team’s willingness to walk the recruiters through the process ensured that everyone knew how to operate within the new system.”

LIZ BRADEN, Recruitment Operations Lead of One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund is an organization that supplies smallholder farmers in East Africa with asset-based financing and agriculture training services to reduce hunger and poverty.


Reducing the interview process time.

One of the biggest challenges One Acre Fund’s recruitment team faced was the amount of time candidates spent in the manual take-home coding assessment stage of their interview process.

Two main bottlenecks were contributing to this.

Firstly, they liked using timed assessments. However, this required them to ask the candidates about their availability for the assessment and then set up the assessment to be sent to them at that time.

Secondly, the amount of time it took for a developer to grade each candidate’s submission was far too long, which is a common problem with manual takehome assessments. They were spending too much time on submissions that weren’t even close to passing.

One Acre Fund receives 500+ applicants for each of their tech roles.

Therefore, one of the top priorities for their recruitment team was to reduce the interview process time for these roles while ensuring the candidate experience was strong enough to prevent losing out on great candidates.


Integrating CodeScreen’s auto-grading feature.

CodeScreen has been a tremendous time-saver for us, which is all the more important as we’re operating in a difficult hiring market with a very broad range of skills level and hence a high candidate/offer ratio. The smooth integration to our Applicant Tracking System, including the reporting of candidate scores, was the cherry on the cake, as well as the team’s fantastic support.

KUNAL DABIR, VP of Engineering of Medley

One Acre Fund wanted to keep their current assessment that they were sending to candidates, but enhance it by using the auto-grading feature of CodeScreen.

Their engineering team used our custom assessments docs to integrate their current assessment into CodeScreen in less than a day.

They have integrated their ATS into our platform, which allows them to automatically send a timed assessments to a candidate once the candidate is moved to the coding test stage of their interview process.

Our time-box feature allows candidates to begin the assessments when they are ready. This triggers the timer countdown, which removes the back and forth between the One Acre Fund recruiters and candidates around availability, etc.

They have also leveraged our ability to run automated tests against each submission, which allows for faster reviews of candidates’ solutions, thereby increasing the number of solutions that can be reviewed per month.


One Acre Fund have reduced the recruiter time spent on coding assessments to one click of a button.

Having used CodeScreen for the past 6 months on 10 requisitions with more than 1,000 applications, One Acre Fund have reduced the recruiter time spent on coding assessments to one click of a button and seen a drop in the days spent by candidates in the coding assessments stage of their interview process from 23 to 10 days.

During this time, they’ve made 10 hires, all beating their organization-wide average Time-to-Hire.

They will also continue to roll out CodeScreen across all technology hiring, such as DBA roles.

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