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“So many testing platforms rely on the candidate writing code in a web-based interface, but this isn’t realistic. We were looking primarily for integration with GitHub, allowing candidates to work on the test in the same way as they would develop software at OpenGamma, using an IDE of their choice.”

JON SENIOR, CTO of OpenGamma

OpenGamma: Collateral Management Software for Derivatives

OpenGamma is a FinTech company that provides margin analytics to the world’s leading banks and hedge funds.


Solving Accuracy and Efficiency

OpenGamma needed to solve two main challenges: Accuracy and Efficiency.

They have an extremely high technical bar for their engineering team and required a screening stage as part of their interview process that would accurately reflect how a candidate would perform on the job.

OpenGamma’s modern tech stack and culture mean they have no shortage of applicants, with an average of over 100 applications per month for developer roles alone.


Creating Two Assessments on  CodeScreen

OpenGamma has created two custom assessments on CodeScreen (one for front-end and one for back-end), and are sending an average of 15 tests per week to candidates.

They use our deep GitHub integration to review candidates’ solutions in the exact same way they review their own code internally.

CodeScreen also provides an easy and intuitive mechanism for OpenGamma’s developers to give feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

They were able to create a custom test, integrate their ATS, and send tests to candidates all within a couple of hours of signing up.


Save up to 1 hour per candidate using CodeScreen.

Using CodeScreen, OpenGamma’s developers are able to save up to 1 hour per candidate when reviewing each solution. This not only speeds up time-to-hire but also frees the developers up to focus more time on building the OpenGamma platform.

They have also used CodeScreen’s unique candidate feedback mechanism to transform their interview process into as much a learning experience for candidates as it is a screening process for themselves.

Going forward, OpenGamma will continue using CodeScreen to speed up its engineering team’s growth, which is crucial to the expansion of its product into new markets and regions.

They will continue to roll out the use of CodeScreen across all technology hiring, such as Cloud Engineers with a testing focus on Terraform.

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