Emulating pull request workflows in CodeScreen

Determining how a candidate will work with the team they are interviewing for is one of the most important assessments you need to make…

Dave Cervi

August 22, 2019

Determining how a candidate will work with the team they are interviewing for is one of the most important assessments you need to make when screening developers.

This is because understanding and acting on feedback is a fundamental part of a developer’s workflow when writing code in a collaborative environment as part of a team.

The typical workflow in a real-world environment will look something like the following:

  1. Developer writes some code and pushes their changes to a separate branch in a GitHub repository.
  2. A pull request (i.e. a request for merging the developer’s code into the main (master) branch) is then created and a colleague is assigned to review the changes.
  3. The reviewer may have comments on how the code can be improved etc which they will leave on the review for the author to address.
  4. Once the reviewer is happy that their comments have been addressed, the code is merged into the main branch.

Today we are announcing a new feature on CodeScreen which allows companies to assess how a candidate reacts to feedback on their solution for a CodeScreen test.


How it works:

Once the candidate has submitted their solution for a test, you can review the private GitHub repo that was created for them to complete the test and make comments on their code from the commit view.


Once you have added your comments, you can then head over to the Result section for that candidate and click the Send feedback button.


The candidate is then notified via email and their access to the private GitHub repo is added back so they can address the comments and push their changes.


A more natural candidate experience:

Another advantage of this approach is that it is much more natural for a candidate to act on feedback in this way compared to live code pairing sessions or whiteboard challenges.

Live code pair sessions and whiteboard challenges occur in a highly contrived setting where the candidate is expected to answer a question on the spot.

However, this is not what happens in the real world. The candidate will usually have some time to process the feedback and gather their thoughts and then address the comments.This is what CodeScreen now allows to be replicated completely by integrating pull request style workflows into each CodeScreen test, which aligns to one of CodeScreen’s central themes of allowing the candidate to give their best showing in the test.



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